Receiving an Honorary Life Membership Award is one of the highest forms of recognition for a volunteer who is dedicated to our children and the community. It is awarded to a person whose dedication to both Pink Elementary School and our community goes above and beyond. This can be any volunteer who has contributed significantly to school, work and/or the community. 



Award Winners for 2017-18 were Chelsi Word and Melissa Ruch

Pictured: Chelsi Word with Paige Dawkins at the Award Banquet

Melissa Ruch not pictured

2014-15 - Bethany Rowan, Kristen Dickey
2013-14 – Liza Prendergast, Ellen (Poole) Watson
2012-13 – Kim McGuire, Sheila Flaherty

2010-11: Jennifer Brown

2009-10: Jeff Anderson, Lisa Boone, Margaret Hoyt

2008-09: Shazieh Ahmad

2007-08: Traci Seal, Allison Dickinson